Which Toilet Partitions are right for your Church bathroom stall project?

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When it comes to Churches, there are a couple of key factors that come in to play. First, Price is a big factor on which material should be selected for your project. Second, the look of your toilet partitions could be an even bigger factor than price. And lastly, Durability is a very important concern in determining the type of bathroom stalls that should be used.

Toilet Partition Materials

Powder Coated Metal toilet partitions is the first material to examine. The best part of this material is the price, these are the most affordable toilet partitions. There is usually a fairly decent selection of around 15 colors depending on manufacturer, but they are generally all solid colors. The biggest drawback is that they can be scratched and dented fairly easily which ranks them low on durability. Solid plastic bathroom stalls could be a good choice as they are more durable and good for high humidity areas. There is a little bit better color selection than metal toilet partitions, but they cost more than even Plastic Laminate toilet partitions. Which is our top choice for Churches. Plastic Laminate toilet partitions combine an excellent color selection with an economical price to top the charts as the best selection for churches. They tend to be more durable than metal or plastic bathroom stalls and can last between 10 and 20 years.

Toilet Partition Mounting Styles

There are four main mounting styles for toilet partitions. The most common application by a wide margin is Overhead Braced Floor Anchored. This mounting style is the easiest to install and provides a good sturdy final product. This is our most commonly recommended application for churches. There is a Floor Anchored system that does not include overhead bracing. This is an attractive looking application, but sacrifices stability and has a tendency for doors to sag in high traffic areas. Ceiling Hung toilet partitions are also an option, but the install is difficult and requires blocking in your ceiling. The last application is Floor to Ceiling Anchored toilet partitions which is a very stable application but does require blocking in your ceiling. If you have blocking and are experienced at installing bathroom partitions, this could be your choice for high traffic areas subject to abuse and vandalism.

Selecting the right Toilet Partitions for a Prison / Detention Facility is important for functionality, durability, and maintenance

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There are several factors to consider when selecting toilet partitions for a detention facility. Probably the most important factor is durability. Functionality and maintenance are also important and tend to be more crucial than cost. The cost for the bathroom stalls with the durability for prison activity will be more than low end toilet partitions, but they will last much longer and will not have to be replaced nearly as often.

Toilet Partition Materials

For detention facilities the recommend materials would be solid plastic toilet partitions and solid phenolic bathroom stalls. There are two types of solid phenolic partitions, black core phenolic and color thru phenolic. The black core phenolic is available in a wide variety colors because a plastic laminate is applied over the phenolic core. The color thru phenolic is more resistant to vandalism with greater scratch resistance and resistance to markings. The downside is color thru comes in limited colors. Solid plastic toilet partitions are the most cost effective of the three. Even though durability is comparable, plastic partitions can be carved into and permanent marker can be nearly impossible to get off.

Toilet Partitions Mounting Styles for Prison

There are two recommended mounting styles for detention facilities. Floor mounted overhead braced is the most common and easiest to install. The down side would be the overhead bracing can be swung on or grabbed by those less mature. The best application for prisons is the floor to ceiling toilet partitions. The pilasters attach to the floor and ceiling creating a very sturdy application. They are more difficult to install, require blocking in the ceiling, and are generally better when the ceiling height is 9’ or lower.

Hardware for Bathroom Stalls

Without a doubt the best choice is full height hardware for a prison application. Full height brackets and hinges create the most stable partitions that will not only hold up over time but require much less maintenance than partitions with stirrup brackets and hinges. For high traffic areas that suffer abuse as well, the only solution is to spend a little extra money on full height hardware.

Do You Know which Toilet Partition Mounting Style is right for your project? Selecting the correct mounting style for your bathroom stalls is critical.

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The mounting style you choose for your toilet partitions project is very important to the final look and feel of your washroom. Although the mounting style is largely based on preference and the amount you want to spend, there are certainly specific types of  bathrooms that benefit from one mounting style over another. Whether you’re looking for low maintenance, ease of access, or durability, we have the right mounting style for your toilet partition project.

Most Common and Readily Available Toilet Partition Mounting Style

Our most popular mounting style for bathroom stalls is the Overhead Braced, because it is both economical and sturdy enough to mount just about anywhere. This mounting style is the most commonly seen because it fits many different projects and is very reasonably priced. This style is ideal for wood or concrete floors, because it doesn’t need an incredibly thick floor for proper installation. An anodized aluminum anti-grip headrail runs across the top to give the toilet partitions additional strength and support.

A Mounting Style with a Clean Appealing Look

Our second option is the Floor Anchored mounting style, which is perfect for your toilet partitions project if you’re looking for a modern or contemporary feel with it’s sleek lines across the top of the partitions. Suited for low-ceiling washrooms, this incredibly simple to construct mounting style requires concrete floors that are at least 2” thick for sturdiness. This option is not as sturdy as overhead braced and is not suitable for abusive or high traffic areas.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Provide a Cleaner Environment

The third option available for your bathroom stall project is our Ceiling Hung mounting style. This is perfect for your project if you have a lot of wall hung fixtures, as the ceiling hung toilet partitions will accent that nicely for full floor accessibility. Additionally, Ceiling Hung means easy access for better cleaning and reduced operating cost. This mounting style requires attachment to structural ceiling supports to function correctly.

The Strongest Toilet Partition Mounting Style Available

The last option we have available to you is our Floor to Ceiling Anchored, combining the Floor Anchored and the Ceiling Anchored mounting styles, giving you the best of both worlds. These are the right mounting styles for you if you’re expecting a lot of foot traffic, and need toilet partitions that extremely stable and durable, and can withstand abuse, and vandal resistance is critical. Like the two aforementioned mounting styles, the Floor to Ceiling Anchored mounting style requires both a concrete floor at least 2” thick, as well as attachment to structural ceiling supports.

Black Core Phenolic vs. Color-thru Phenolic Toilet Partitions, Which is best solution for your school or high traffic Restroom Stall?

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In general, using Black Core Phenolic as a core material for toilet partitions is a great choice, because of the strength and flexibility when considering a color or style for a specific design. Since it is a plastic laminate adhered to a black core phenolic, there is a large selection of color options. Once a color selection has been made, that decoration is added to both faces of a core material combining Kraft paper and resin.

Black Core Phenolic Restroom Partition Pros ~

Black Core Phenolic toilet partitions are the best choice for strength, durability, and resistance to extreme moisture and humidity, and vandalism, as well as being impact, water, and corrosion resistant. There is also a large selection of color choices.

Black Core Phenolic Restroom Partition Cons ~

The surface material is plastic laminate which can be scratched and stain my marker. Even though the surface is very durable, it is hard to conceal certain types of vandalism and graffiti.

Color-Thru Phenolic Toilet Partitions Pros and Cons ~

For high traffic areas or areas where vandalism is particularly a problem, I would recommendColor-Thru Phenolic Toilet Partitions. With all the advantages of traditional Black Core Phenolic restroom partitions, it has added impact, graffiti, and scratch resistance. Color-Thru Phenolic is similar to Black Core, but instead of a resin and Kraft paper core, it is made with its surface color through to its core. The downside to these partitions is the limited color selection. Depending on the manufacturer, there are generally 4-6 color selection for the type of material.

Which material is right for your Toilet Partitions?

The answer depends on your application. If you are in a high traffic area with potential damage from vandalism and graffiti, then the obvious choice is Color-Thru Phenolic Toilet Partitions. If you are not a high risk for vandalism and want a much broader color selection, then the choice is easily Black Core Phenolic Toilet Partitions.


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